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"Resisting the things you know you need to change polarize your life. This keeps you stuck. However, when you embrace change, the pieces of your life will fall naturally into place and stay there, just like magnets." Eric Plasker, D.C.
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Throughout my life I have had a wide range of interest and influences from art and music to athletics and social affairs; bringing in my passion and love for graphic design and personal training. My objectives and goals are to succeed and advance in the position(s) I hold through teamwork, leadership and hard-work, while continuing to learn and further my education.

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“Jaci Stein is a great individual with many outstanding qualities. Jaci played softball at Kent State University from 1998 to 2000. I have known Jaci as a student, an athlete, an alumnus, and a high school coach. She is hard working, caring, honest, trust worthy, very personable, has excellent communication skills and is always positive. Jaci has always demonstrated maturity, professionalism, and a continual desire to do her best in all her endeavors. She is highly respected by people she works with and people who know her due to her outstanding character and morals. I would highly recommend her.”

Karen Linder
Kent State University Varsity Softball Head Coach

“I believe Jaci Stein is an honest, hard working and dedicated professional. She has a contagious passion for her work, family and life. Jaci seeks challenges and initiates positive change in anything she does. Jaci Stein is a leader. She is also a team player that would be an asset to any company. As a friend and colleague, she has had a positive impact on my life and I would highly recommend her to any organization.”

T.J. Donovan
Former Diamond Indoor Sports Director of Operations
Director of the Lake County Captains Events and Baseball Academy